Therese is a Productivity Consultant, helping individuals and businesses create physical spaces and systems that give them more time, freedom, and ease.

  • travel/move management

  • studio & special event assistance

  • decluttering & reorganizing spaces

  • aiding in the design/decor/staging process

  • sourcing one-of-a-kind vintage textiles & furniture

  • business partnerships (social enterprises & real estate)

Client Testimonials

"I needed help organizing Ashley Mary's artist space in the Northrup King Building and was in serious need of someone who could take all my thoughts on what I wanted, and help me organize them thoughtfully and with innovation. Therese thinks  outside the box, AND helps you put your stuff in it. We had great success, the place looked stunning & I was put at ease by her calming and lovable presence."

-Mary M., Studio Manager, Ashley Mary Art

Minneapolis MN

"Therese Nichols remains one of the most devoted and hardworking entrepreneurs I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Not only has she proven to be reliable and efficient she also has a tendency to light up a room. I have had the pleasure to work with Therese for a little over a year and I could always depend on her to not only get the job done but to go above and beyond."

-Eva S., Hotel Manager, National Geographic/Lindblad Expeditions

North & Central America 

"I have used Therese multiple times, for multiple tasks, and she always goes above and beyond. Most recently, Therese assisted me with moving into my new place & organizing my closet. She helped me figure out what to keep, how to pack it, and then inspired me to donate the extra. Without her... I honestly would have been so overwhelmed. Her communication is clear, motivating, and she ALWAYS keeps a bright energy!"

-Layla S.

San Francisco, CA

"Our family is experiencing THE BEST organizing we’ve ever had! Thank you Therese!" 

-Elizabeth J.

Minnetonka, MN​​

"Therese was very professional and thorough. I love how she helped organize messy areas. I recommend Therese to everyone!"

-Tory KJ, Owner, Welcome Baby Care

Minneapolis, MN

"I highly recommend Therese, she was of great help during my move from Minneapolis. She organized the packing, helped me with donations and even assisted me with selling things of value. And after it was all done on the day I left, my old place was cleaner than the day I moved in. What a great help. I could not have got it done without her." 

-Heidi J.

Charleston, SC



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